Pony Express Examples

Sample Pony Express Message Flow

Sample Connection

  1. A Unity Client with Pony Express installed is connected to a Pony Express Message Server and wants to send a chat message.

    For more information on how this connection is made, see the Sample Connection example Here

  2. This example will use the Chat Client included in Pony Express - In addition to the required Client Settings script, please also add the Chat Client script to add Chat functionality into your application.

  3. Unity Client - Chat Client send button calls the ChatClient.SendChat() static method

  4. The SendChat method calls the static method inside of DefaultMessaging.cs to send the chat message to the server

  5. The Message Server receives the message that a chat has been sent

  6. The Message Server broadcasts the message to all connected clients

  7. The connected clients all receive messages through an incoming message queue informing them that a chat occurred

  8. The Unity Client consumes the message as needed so that the message can be processed

  9. The Unity Client shows the message in a scroll view, so that the user can read the Chat Message