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This character has spent most of his life out of doors. Strong willed and determined, the Woodsman is not afraid of danger and is willing to endure a little risk to get a big reward.


This character enjoys the nicer things in life. Prefering to use his smarts instead of his strength, the Merchant likes to stand back from a fight and manipulate the environment to better suit his needs.

Woodsman abilities:

  • Double Strike - Hit the target twice quickly to deal extra damage
  • Mark Target - Decrease target's agility
  • Berserk - Target (ally) gains extra offensive strength
  • Expert Skinner - More frequently gain drops from enemies
  • Rugged Defense - Permanently improve defense
  • Rugged Offense - Permanently improve offensive strength
  • Bow and Arrow - Ranged ability in battle effective from back row

Merchant abilities:

  • Shield - Target (ally) gains extra defense
  • Greek Fire - Inflict fire damage on target
  • Distract - Target loses initiative for one or more turn
  • Medicine - Target (ally) restores health
  • Clever Salesmen - Permanently improve spell strength, decrease item store cost, improve item sale value
  • Careful Connoisseur - Permanent chance to reuse items in battle
  • Gun - Ranged ability in battle effective from back row

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